About Us

About US

Allen Pro Tech, Inc. is under new management, charged with increasing the company’s service in the community, fostering professional growth and expansion of the company.


Olivier Allen, Master Electrician and Co-Owner  

Olivier Allen

Olivier is a USMC Veteran, with over 35 years of electrical work experience and 25 years as an Electrical Contractor. Olivier believes in professional customer service. He enjoys playing records and coaching.

Patrick Allen, Technician

Pat is a United States Air Force Veteran, embarking on a new career with Allen Pro Tech, Inc. He has years of customer service and mechanical work experience, which includes an Aircraft Mechanic, responsible for general maintenance of aircrafts. He enjoys race cars and motorcycles.

Debbie Grant, Chief Operations Officer and Co-Owner

Debbie recently developed processes and controls for the day to day operations at Allen Pro Tech, Inc. Having a Civil Engineering degrees (BS and MS) from Villanova University and Professional Engineer, Debbie technical skills are an asset to the company. She enjoys long walks and riding her bike through the neighborhoods of Kingwood.

Jelani Allen,


Jelani is a graduate of North Carolina State University, studied Computer Engineering. At Allen Pro Tech, Inc., Jelani handles all information technology and ensuring a professional internet presence.

He enjoys Reading and Playing Sports.


Myles Marshall, Intern

Myles Marshall

A graduate of Kingwood High School, Myles is in the midst of pursuing an economics degree at Harvard. Myles is Allen Pro Tech, Inc.’s consultant for strategic business planning, economic proposals, evaluation of performance and continuous improvements.


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